Part P domestic electrical installations

Part P was introduced in January 2005, it is a part of UK Building Regulations. Part P covers electrical installations in the domestic environment. It is enforceable in the same way as any of the other building regulations and the body who police it at local level is your building control office. In order to undertake legal electrical work on your domestic property, an electrician must be Part P registered. This means that they have undertaken all of the necessary training and are competent to carry out safe electrical work and are able to certificate the work when completed.

Are you looking for a qualified and professional electrician to undertake electrical work on your property?

All it takes is one call to The Belmont Group and you can rest assured that our Part P electricians will complete your electrical job to the highest safety standard. Let us give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your property and its electrical installations.On completion of the electrical works, The Belmont Group will issue a NICEIC Installation Certificate and also inform the relevant Local Authority who will subsequently issue the Part P Certificate directly to you. If you sell the property at a later date, this Certificate may be necessary for the completion of sale.

Smart Homes

Controlling your home can be as simple or complex as you like. We can can offer you a large range of Home Automation products and services, ranging from controlling your heating and hot water with a smart phone or tablet, to a whole house automation package.

You can also control your security from your smart phone or tablet. If your alarms go off, you will be notified and be able to connect to your smart home’s CCTV systems and look around your home.

Sleep better knowing that you are safer

Domotics smart home security systems make your life safer in many small ways. When you go to bed you don’t have to wonder, ‘did I leave the oven on?’ or get out of bed to check. When you go to bed the system will turn off all your heat generating appliances at their mains, allowing you to relax into your pillow.

And if there is an emergency your automated home can actively act to protect you. In the event of a fire you don’t wake up in the dark to a siren and have to fumble for the light switch. Your system will automatically switch your lights on, it can automatically unlock your fire exit, cut off ventilation systems that feed the fire and notify the emergency services.

If you are away when the fire or burglar alarm goes off you can be notified by email or text and can then access your security cameras via your laptop, mobile or tablet and check.

Relax knowing that your home is helping to save the planet

Having a smart home that intelligently saves energy is no longer an option only for millionaires.

Half of the energy we use in the UK is just on heating and lighting. You can cut down a large quantity of that by having a smart home that knows when to turn systems off. A home that takes the outdoor temperature into account when it turns on your radiators, a smart home that automatically switches off appliances that are left in standby mode.

Make your energy use more transparent with our energy visualisation tools. Our software allows you to see how any changes to your controls will affect your energy bills. So if you want to know how to be energy efficient why not give us a call?

Non Domestic

Working to your specification

If you are looking for industrial electrical contractors that can cope with large industrial projects, from train depots to steel factories and oil refineries you need to know that that company has the experience and versatility to meet your specifications.

Get more out of your office

Do you need to save money with energy efficient installations? Do you need a working environment that helps your employees be more productive? At The Belmont Group we offer a better office electrical project management service. We can objectively project how cost effective your energy saving installations are so that before you decide on you purchase you know what your return on investment is.

Opening doors to your customers

We specialise in project managing commercial electrical projects so that electrical installations are delivered on target and to your specifications.

We use advanced project management tools that allow our electrical contractors to project how long every part of the job will take and in what order. This allows us to give you a very close estimation of how long an electrical installation will take and in the event of a setback will highlight options to keep the project on target.

Systems that talk to each other

Companies with intelligent premises have their emergency systems integrated so that when the fire detection and alarm systems detect a fire the building’s integrated systems respond to protect their employees and their premises.

When a fire is detected in a part of the building your alarm system will automatically cut air conditioning to that room, helping to starve the fire. It will activate the emergency lighting systems, deactivate your heat producing appliances, activate your sprinkler systems and contact the emergency services.

Be able to cope with your network’s demands

Working with fibre optic network cabling requires more care than is usually envisaged. Tight corners in the installation of the cable will dramatically reduce the amount of data that can be passed through your network. If you have a thousand employees in four buildings, each requiring fast internet and shared networking services, you need to make sure that your networking systems are up to specification.

We specialise in project managing large commercial and industrial estates network cable installations. We use advanced project management software that allows us to provide you with a detailed timeline. We provide a high level of granulation and transparency in all our projects, with our detail going down to each electrical connection. This means that if there is a delay or problem we can see the full knock-on effect, keep you informed and take appropriate actions that will allow us to hit the project deadline.

If you are unsure if you are getting the most out of your fibre optic installation we can test your installation and identify if there is any part of your computer network that is under performing and correct the problem.

Taking away the stress and the strain

Ventilation is one of those things you just want to work and be able to not think about. And for that you need a reliable installation. We undertake electrical installations for ventilation systems and air conditioning and can project manage a full installation.

That means you only need to talk with one experienced electrical engineer who will manage your project in the way it should be managed. We take away all the stress of dealing with different personnel and all the crossed wires and complications that often arise with these projects.

If you have an automated building system we can integrate the air con and ventilation with the fire alarms and emergency systems, making a safer place for your business to flourish.