LED Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting – Get your return on investment figures right

We are familiar with companies that need objective figures on their return on investment. When we manage a commercial lighting systems project we provide you with financial reports detailing their energy use and projecting your energy costs and carbon emissions with current systems versus new systems and upgrade costs that you can take to your accounts department.LED Tube

Energy saving lighting is a favourable company investment, with larger projects seeing a very justifiable return on investment. The investment generally sees a 30%-50% return per annum, with returns covering costs in about 2 to 3 years.

We integrate low energy lighting with intelligent detection systems and no flicker light fittings. When an area of your depot is not being used the microwave detection system will dim the lights to 3% of their energy level, when some enters that area the lights will return to 100% immediately without flickering and without needing them to warm up, giving you better light, faster and cheaper.