The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

What is The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund?

GDHIF (Green Deal Home Improvement Fund) is a Government initiative and is under the umbrella of the Green Deal.  It is a pot of funding available to all of us for installing energy reducing measures to our homes.  When the pot is empty, the funding stops.  The last launch of this funding, GDHIF 3, was back in March 2015 and the pot was £70m.  The main pot then gets sub-divided into smaller pot to target particular measures.  Some of the pots run out sooner than others, historically EWI goes first and very quickly.  Contact us to find out more or go to the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) website.

GDHIF 3 rates look like this :-

Householders can claim:

  • Up to £3,750 cash back for installing EWI (External Wall Insulation)


  • Up to £1250 cash back for installing any 2 of the following ;

Cavity wall insulation

Condensing mains gas boiler

Secondary glazing

Double/tripple glazing (replacing single glazing)

Flat roof insulation

Replacement warm air unit

Fan assisted storage heaters

Energy efficient replacement doors

Floor insulation

Room-in-a-roof insulation

Waste water heat recovery device


  • Also £100 cash back on the Green Deal Assessment
  • Also £500 cash back for people who brought their property in the last 12 months an have work carried out under the scheme