Link-up Audit

We are all happy here at TBG HQ as our annual Link-up Audit by RISQS on behalf of Achillies was successful.  This was our first full audit so we were a little apprehensive.  Well done Erica for all the hours and hours of preparation, making sure all the policies and procedures were in order, ensuring a smooth audit. (what did happen to SP-03?)

We feel that it is a great asset to be Link-up registered as it helps structure and inform us in relation to railway projects and allows us to sponsor our own PTS staff as well as any temporary staff that may be required from time to time.  The guidance of the scheme’s policies and procedures means that we are better informed to look after our employees and those that we work with.  It also gives us better control and understanding of this sector of the services that we provide, hopefully making us a stronger and more competent company.