Green Deal anouncement

I was saddened to hear on the early news today that Amber Rudd, secretary for Energy and Climate Change, is scrapping Green Deal Finance and any further launches of The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) without any announcement of any new initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.  With the recent removal of subsidies for off shore wind farms and for commercial solar farms it seems that the incentives to invest in renewable technologies are disappearing fast.

I think that it is a shame for this to happen so abruptly, as the public, in general, were becoming better informed and interested in energy saving and generation.  Many households have taken up measures to reduce their energy use whilst improving the comfort levels in their home with better insulation and more efficient boilers.

We all know that Green Deal Finance had not been the success that it could have been but, GDHIF was very popular, even if it was short lived.

Lets all hope that  some more positive announcements are to come along soon to build on the good work of recent years.