Link-up Audit

We are all very happy here at TBG HQ because we have just successfully completed and passed our first annual Link-up audit by RISQS on behalf of Achillies.  So well done Erica for putting in all those hours to make sure that the policies and procedures were all in order.  (what did happen to SP-03?)


We feel that being Link-up registered is a great asset to the company as the scheme provides structure and informs on good, safe practice when working on the rail network.  It also allows us to sponsor our own PTS accredited employees as well as any temporary PTS staff that we may need from time to time, which in turn helps us to ensure that they work safely.


We hope that being Link-up registered, with all that entails, assures our clients of our continued commitment to improving our procedures and competencies to help us to work better and safer.