Thermodynamic Hot Water

Imagine having hot water at 55ºC, day-and-night, all-year-round, without a boiler or immersion heater? That’s what a thermodynamic hot water system can do, come snow, rain or shine – day or night!

How does it work?

A thermodynamic hot water system comes as a complete standalone installation or can be connected to most modern hot water cylinders.

A Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP), consisting of a 1700mm x 800mm solar collector plate filled with refrigerant, is installed externally. This is then connected to an internally installed heat pump which compresses the refrigerant and transfers the heat to your hot water store at a constant 55ºC. Think of it as a refrigerator working in reverse!

Reassuringly, the heat pump makes no more noise than the average fridge and costs about the same to run. If coupled to renewably generated electricity, the system is also CO² free – saving resources and the planet…

The system is equally suitable for domestic and commercial use, and can supply up to 300 litres of stored water from a single panel.